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Independent. Impartial. We provide access to information to empower sustainable, local, wastewater decision making.

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Helpful Tips and Information For Home and Business Owners

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How to contact your local health department

Helpful Hints For Home and Business Owners (PDF 1.86m) 11 x 17" 4 page folder or print as separate sheets.

One Pagers: (in PDF Format)

    1. How It Works (240k)
    2. In The Kitchen (259k)
    3. Alternative Cleaning Products (260k)
    4. In The Utility Room (265k)
    5. Saving Water Makes Energy Saving Sense (262k) | AWWA Drip Calculator
    6. In the Garden (314k)
    7. Is Your Toilet On Drugs? (188k) | Issues of emerging concern - pharmaceutical and personal care products

Water To Waste Section Four: Common sense information about how your wastewater system works

Water To Waste Section Five: Installation, sitting, operation and maintenance.

WasteWater Education (Then Onsite Wastewater of Northwest Michigan) 2008: "Water To Waste." education publication.

Have a pressure mound system? Recorded interactive web seminar "Everything you've always wanted to know about your Mound onsite wastewater system! How it works, how to take care of it, how to landscape it!"
This online, web based seminar was taught by Daniel R. Thorell, M.S., R.S. Environmental Sanitarian Grand Traverse County Health Department Environmental Health Division. Two documents were referenced in the presentation and can be viewed here: GTCHD Alternative System Manual and Pressure Mound System Policy Manual

Would you like information about landscaping? Scott Dierks, P.E.
Ann Arbor Manager JFNew Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 "Wastewaterscaping: How to landscape and plant a mound system using native Michigan flora." This was Part Two of the seminar and can be accessed at the 1:02:35 minute mark.

Probably the most frequent reason a residential onsite wastewater system starts to have problems is because of excessive water use. Not only can this flood your system but it can suffocate the oxygen loving bacteria that do the bulk of treatment work in your dispersal field. How long can YOU hold your breath!!?
Alliance For Water EfficiencyHere are 2 excellent resources for appreciating and painlessly cutting down on the amount of water you use. Both your system and your Pocket book will feel much relieved!
Alliance For Water Efficiency HomeWaterWorks
EPA WaterSense
EPA WaterSense- great informationabout best practices and fixtures

University of Minnesota Onsite Systems Web site

National Environmental Services Center

Return To Resource Information Page - be sure to look at both the 2006 and 2008 Water To Waste Sections for more in depth system information

Upcoming WasteWater Education training and public information events, both 'on site' and 'on line'

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To provide education which increases public awareness of the link between clean drinking water, safe recreational waters, environmentally sustainable surface and groundwater with watershed based, best management practises related to appropriate wastewater systems, technology, treatment and management.

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